Car and Driver Includes the 2017 Soul in its Prestigious List

Car and DriverThe 2017 Kia Soul is in some elite company. Earlier this week, it was named to the Car and Driver magazine “10Best Trucks and SUVs” list. Its colorful personality, extensive list of features and unmatched value wowed the experts, and it could not be left off the prestigious list.

The folks at Car and Driver have this to say about the Soul: “The current Soul has maintained the funky charm of the first-generation model with design – inside and out – that manages to be both fresh and genuinely attractive, attributes that are often at odds.

Kia of North Grand Rapids has a winner on its hands in the form of the 2017 Kia Soul. Why not stop by today for a test drive?

A Really Fast Kia Coming Soon?

fast-kiaCould there be a really fast Kia coming soon? According to the folks at Motor Trend and from what we’re seeing online, the answer is a definitive yes!

Most believe it’s going to be the GT sport. It drew rave reviews when it was first shown off as a concept car way back in 2011 and we expect it to become a reality in some form in the near future. How fast is it? How about 0-62 mph in just 5.1 seconds. Yes, ladies and gentlemen … that’s fast!

If you want to find out more, check out the or read this article in Motor Trend.

Make Sure Your Car is Ready for Winter

winterThere’s no doubt the cold temperatures are upon us. Just as you prepare yourself and your family for the cold weather, you should also prepare your vehicle so it’s ready, too. We call this “winterizing,” because it deals with the critical components that must work when the weather becomes frigid.

When you bring your car to the Kia of North Grand Rapids service department for a thorough “winterizing”, here’s what we’ll check to make sure you are not left stranded in the cold:

∙ Tires: With the proper air pressure and good tread, tires do a much better job of gripping the road in any weather – but this is especially important during the winter months.

∙ Coolant: To help your car start on even the coldest mornings, your coolant should have a 50/50 mixture of water and coolant.

∙ Battery/Battery Cables: Did you know it takes about three times more energy to start an engine when the temperature is at zero degrees Fahrenheit than when it is at 80 degrees? Does your battery have what it takes to get the job done? We’ll let you know.

∙ Wiper Blades: A clear field of vision is essential when driving at night. Effective wipers are a safeguard against blinding snowfall and freezing rain.

∙ Belts: Cold temperatures can cause worn belts to fray and break. Taking care of this now can prevent an issue later.

∙ Radiator/Heat: No matter how bundled up you get, a frigid interior cabin makes for a miserable trip! We’ll make sure the heat is working.

No one can predict how bad this winter ultimately will turn out. We can, however, inspect your vehicle today … which will allow you to tackle winter driving with confidence. Schedule your winter checkup at Kia of North Grand Rapids today!