Coming Soon: The 2016 Optima & New Ads

2016 Optima Blake GriffinThe NBA season is back, and so is All-Star Blake Griffin – in a series of four new television commercials for Kia’s best-selling Optima midsize sedan. In the campaign, everyday people get in the zone for the first time while experiencing the next-level performance and sophistication of the all-new 2016 Optima – the Official Vehicle of the NBA – and find an eternally calm Griffin reading the newspaper, playing chess, making the ultimate peanut butter and jelly sandwich or acting as a weather forecaster in the midst of an impressive basketball performance.

The multiplatform campaign, which includes television, digital and social media elements, debuts during Kia NBA Tip-Off 2015.

Kia of North Grand Rapids will have the 2016 Optima later this year. It’s the car that Kelley Blue Book says “carries the weight of anticipation placed on its swept-back shoulders with great skill.”

The Cold, Hard Facts About Winter Maintenance

winter maintenanceWhile no one has the ability to foresee how severe this year’s winter will be, we can tell you this: it’s more important to have a dependable vehicle in winter than in any other time during the year!

It’s best not to wait until the last minute to make sure your vehicle is ready for what Mother Nature will dish out this winter. Instead, bring your vehicle to Kia of North Grand Rapids’ service department for a thorough “winterization”.

Here are some of the things we’ll inspect: engine Performance ∙ cooling system ∙ oil ∙ battery ∙ alternator ∙ heater∙ belts and hoses ∙ fluid levels ∙ brakes ∙ and more!

Don’t neglect your automobile’s regular maintenance program, especially during the cold winter months. Let the professionals at the Kia of North Grand Rapids service department give you the peace of mind that is invaluable when you need your vehicle to start – and operate at peak efficiency.

Financing with Kia of North Grand Rapids = satisfaction

FinancingThese days, only a small percentage of car buyers are able to purchase their vehicles without financing at least a portion of the bottom-line price.

Whether your credit is perfect – or even if it has gotten a little “bruised” along the way, Kia of North Grand Rapids can help. One of the best ways to re-establish good credit is by making regular payments on a car loan. Even if you have bad credit – or no credit – our Finance Managers are experts and can often help those who cannot get assistance elsewhere.

We call upon our experience and connections, working with many lending institutions to find a loan for you that fits your circumstances. So don’t fret. Instead, come to Kia of North Grand Rapids today. We’ll be glad to help you in any way possible.

Could You Still Pass a Driver’s Test? Find out here.

Driver's TestHow long has it been since you took your last driver’s test? If you’re like many of us, it’s been a good while. If you are curious to see how you might do if you had to re-take the test today, we offer the following link to a Michigan DMV practice test. It’s the perfect opportunity to see if you still remember the rules of the road.

So whether you’ve been driving for decades or just a few months, take a few minutes and see how you do. Good luck!

Get Ready for the Cold Temperatures Just Ahead

Winterize Your CarBefore you know it, the cooler temperatures will be here. Just as you prepare yourself and your family for the cold days ahead, you should also prepare your vehicle so it’s ready, too. We call this “winterizing,” because it deals with the critical components that must work when the weather becomes frigid.

When you bring your car to the Kia of North Grand Rapids service department for a thorough “winterizing,” here’s what we’ll check to make sure you are not left stranded in the cold:

∙ Tires: With the proper air pressure and good tread, tires do a much better job of gripping the road in any weather – but this is especially important during the winter months.

∙ Coolant: To help your car start on even the coldest mornings, your coolant should have a 50/50 mixture of water and coolant.

∙ Battery/Battery Cables: Did you know it takes about three times more energy to start an engine when the temperature is at zero degrees Fahrenheit than when it is at 80 degrees? Does your battery have what it takes to get the job done?

∙ Wiper Blades: A clear field of vision is essential when driving at night. Effective wipers are a safeguard against blinding snowfall and freezing rain.

∙ Belts: Cold temperatures can cause worn belts to fray and break. Taking care of this now can prevent an issue later.

∙ Radiator/Heat: No matter how bundled up you get, a frigid interior cabin makes for a miserable trip! We’ll make sure the heat is working when you need it most.

No one can predict how bad this winter will turn out. We can, however, inspect your vehicle today … which will allow you to tackle winter driving with confidence.