Sales Consultant Paul Dinkel Loves His Work

Paul DinkelWhat does Paul Dinkel like most about the six weeks he’s spent as a Kia of North Grand Rapids sales consultant? Pretty much everything. “With the store being new, there are lots of opportunities for people who work hard,” he said.

Paul’s coworkers keep him happy to come to work every day. “We have a very interesting and well-rounded group here,” he explained. “Some people have worked in the auto industry before; others haven’t. The diversity that management has created here makes Kia of North Grand Rapids a great place to work, because everyone has something unique to contribute.”

But what has Paul most enthused is the products he gets to sell. “A Kia is an extremely high-value product. It’s well-made and it not overpriced. Kia has a car or SUV for almost every category, and no matter which segment it is, Kia is right there at the top.”

Paul is the father of three grown children, two of whom are stationed in foreign countries doing military duty. He enjoys fishing, downhill skiing, motorcycle riding, and appreciates fine foods. He also has three grandchildren.

Meet Sales Consultant Greg Haman

Greg HamanGreg Haman has sold cars for two decades, but has never encountered a dealership quite like Kia of North Grand Rapids.

“Our dealership is a little different from others,” Greg explained. “Our salespeople operate as a team. We help each other out as much as we can. It isn’t like other places, where the salespeople are essentially competitors. Our customers appreciate that, because they know they’re going to get great service from us, and we are looking out for their best interests.”

Greg says it’s also a big advantage to sell Kia products. “They’re the best-built vehicles on the road today,” he says. “The studies support that fact … and then, the vehicles are also backed by a warranty no one else can beat. In addition, Kia has done more for safety in the last decade or so than anyone else. There was a time when Kia was struggling to keep up with everyone else, but today it’s the other way around. You see other manufacturers trying to be like Kia. It’s a great thing when you can look a customer in the eye and tell him or her that your products are the best on the market.”

In July, Greg and his wife, Sandi, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. The couple has seven children and 15 grandchildren. In addition to family time and being very active in his church, Greg confesses an affinity for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. “I’ve been riding since I was 14,” he says.

School Zone Safety … First, Last and Always!

School Zone SafetyKids of all ages have something in common: their impulsiveness! They will dart or wander into the street out of nowhere – chasing a ball, riding a bike, skateboarding … you never know what they’ll do. Now that it’s back-to-school time, it’s more important than ever to pay attention on the roads. This especially true in a school zone, because that’s where you’ll find the greatest number of kids before and after school.

As a driver, strictly observe speed limits and stop signs, and be sure not to crowd or obstruct crosswalks. At stop signs and red lights stay behind the white stop line. A good rule of thumb is the driver should be able to see the stop line … if not, it’s too close. Give school buses plenty of room, and never tailgate or pass a stopped bus.

As a parent, it’s very important to teach your youngster that safety is a two-way street. There are rules for motorists and rules for pedestrians. Remind your kids often about crossing at the corner and with the light; looking both ways before crossing a street; to walk facing traffic; and to observe bike rules. But above all, the best rule is the common sense practice – to stop, look and listen.

Service Technician: More than Just a Job Title

Mechanic vs TechnicianSometime in the mid-to-late 1990s, the “Onboard Diagnostics Generation 2” (onboard computer) became the norm in the vast majority of new vehicles. Prior to that time, when a vehicle was in need of repair it was taken to the local mechanic. Today, however, many auto mechanics have seen the need to become a service technician. Some would say “service technician” is just a politically correct term, but in truth, the service techs of today are specialists who have a firm grasp on not only the “moving parts” of a car, but also its electronic and technology systems.

Of course, there is always going to be some degree of crossover between the two. A mechanic isn’t always going to use a tool and the technician isn’t always going to use a diagnostic computer. But much more often than not, a technician has a more thorough, detailed knowledge of the inner workings of a car, and often specializes in a certain brand – like we do here at Kia of North Grand Rapids.

Maybe the best way to determine the difference is with an analogy. In the medical profession, there are general practitioners and there are specialists. In this case, the general practitioner would be a mechanic, and a specialist would be the service tech.

Here at Kia of North Grand Rapids, our capabilities go beyond those of the typical auto mechanic. Our service technicians receive constant training keeping them up-to-date on Kia technology – so they are ready at a moment’s notice to fix your car right the first time, as quickly as possible.

The bottom line? The term “service technician” is much more than a fancy job title; in fact, it is a moniker that is well-deserved and must be earned. So when you bring your car to us, you can be assured your vehicle is in good hands!

The Kia Grand Carnival Limousine is Incredible

Grand CarnivalOutside of North America, the Kia Sedona minivan is called the Kia Grand Carnival. Apparently in other countries, these already awesome vehicles are luxuriously appointed and turned into limousines.

Grand Carnival 2These photos of the 2015 Grand Carnival Limousine don’t do it justice, but just imagine yourself surrounded by this kind of luxury. This is one cool vehicle, but unfortunately you won’t see it at Kia of North Grand Rapids anytime soon..



Kia Has Best July Ever

Best July EverAfter posting the best first-half sales performance in company history, Kia’s momentum continued in July. Kia is up five percent year-to-date, and the best-ever July sales total came in a history-making month.

The Cadenza, Soul and Sportage topped their respective segments in the  AutoPacific® Vehicle Satisfaction Awards. Meanwhile, the Sedona won the J.D. Power Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout APEAL award in the Minivan segment.